Continuing Competency Requirements

All healthcare professionals are required to engage in ongoing professional development and continuing education activities, and read communications from the CAHPPEI to stay aware of changing professional obligations.

Continuing Competency Program

CAHPPEI's Continuing Competency Program (CCP) exists to ensure that PEI's allied health professionals retain and continuously build upon their knowledge, judgement and skills. The program also ensures that allied health professionals remain up to date on evolving evidence and best practice in their field. This contributes to high-quality, safe care for Islanders.

PEI MLTs, MRTs and RTs maintain and build their competence by maintaining a professional portfolio containing development learning goals, continuing education sessions evidence, professional practice development evidence, self-reflection exercises, mandatory College continuing competency requirements. Continuing competency activities include:

  1. Setting and meeting their learning goals
  2. Participating in continuing education related to one's profession
  3. Participating in session related to professional practice development
  4. Applying their knowledge, judgment and skills through active practice
  5. Completing self-assessments
  6. Undergoing peer reviews

All allied health professionals are asked to declare in their HMS profile that they are engaged in CCP activities in order to maintain their registration with the College at the renewal time.