Continuing Education and Competency Program - Self-Assessment

Keep your self-assessment tool in your personal records. You are not required to submit it to the College as part of the CEC Audit Process.

CEC - Self-Assessment Tool - MLT
CEC - Self-Assessment Tool - MRT
CEC - Self-Assessment Tool - RRT

The goal of the annual self-assessment is to encourage you to think about or reflect on your practice in the context of the Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics. There are no wrong or right answers, but your answers have meaning. For instance, if you self-select a low score to one of the indicators, consider building your learning plan so that you can increase your score over time. You are required to complete a self-assessment annually – generally, just before you renew your registration – as part of the CEC. This tool can be used for 5-years' worth of self-assessments so that you can look back over the years and monitor your own progress.

Instructions for Completing the Self-Assessment Tool

Each self-assessment tool is structured around the individual profession's Standards of Practice and the College's Code of Ethics. Read each indicator and rate your competency thereby identifying indicators that require improvement:

  • A rating of 1-2 suggests an area for improvement
  • A rating of 3-4 suggests an area of strength